The story of our new single - “Let’s Talk About Me” 

The story of our new single - “Let’s Talk About Me” 

After our EP release last year, a company in London invited me over to attend an event where I would have the opportunity to network with people in the music industry. 

I usually avoid anything like this, but as I was in London anyway (and after confirming that it was free food and champagne on arrival) it was decided that Cinderella would go to the ball! 

Instantly I was regretting my decision.  It was a room full of self-centred, egotistical morons who only wanted to talk about how great they were and who they had worked with; 

 “You’ll know him as ‘Bowie’ but he was David to me” type drivel… 

On the flip side of that you had ‘artists’ hanging intently on every word and throwing in a loud ‘career laugh’ every now and then for good measure before getting a card out and ‘connecting’ - get me out of here! 

On making my way to the door I was approached by the CEO of the company who first apologised for being late because his private jet was delayed - just loud enough so everyone could hear him. 

He said he loved the EP and if we worked together (paid him thousands of pounds) he could certainly open doors for us (gesturing at the musical elite in the room). 

I asked what his favourite song was from the EP and he just looked at me dumbfounded. I left. 

Although I went through that cringeworthy experience - it gave me the material for a song that we absolutely love. Out of something bad usually comes something good, and in this case it's Rock ’N’ Roll! 

Check out the Video to "Let's Talk About Me"

Peace out, 

H from MASK

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