Meet British Rock Duo MASK. 

Deliberately avoiding studio trickery, auto-tune and generic fakery, they are genuine friends delivering their tracks in a couple of takes with vintage equipment with the sole purpose of entertaining their audience.

Their time playing together is precious and the furious energy produced when they meet is tangible on their tracks.

Having amassed over three million streams/downloads since their groundbreaking debut album "The Famous" (2018) MASK are showing the world that honest musical talent and hard work will always overcome.

2019 saw MASK performing at numerous award ceremonies, back to back tours of Scotland with a highlight being their performance at ButeFest music festival. All of which resulted in a live album entitled “Rock, Drop and Roll” (2019).

2021 saw the band release their second studio album entitled  “Smiling Assassins” (2021) and retake the festival stage with live performances and session work in Poland.

2023 has been the take off year for MASK.  Whilst wowing crowds across Europe, came the release of their "monster" third studio album “Zenith”!, featured in Blues In Britain, Rock Blues Review, XS Noize, Chordblossom and Buzzslayers.  

On the back of these features saw the band perform live on the BBC.


The Famous is a marauding beast of an album ”

Louder than War

Beneath their hard sound there is an emotional honesty that sets their work apart ”

— Indie Crush Magazine

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