MASK in Belfast


The seed that became British Rock Combo MASK was planted in 2005, when “H” Humphrey (Belfast) and Craig Coppock (Liverpool) met through a mutual friend. Both raised on a steady diet of The Beatles, The Kinks and The Rolling Stones meant a solid friendship was soon formed.

Fast forward a mere 12 years (!) and H Humphrey is forced to quit his day job and start writing original material for the band. This would lead to their debut EP "The Truth" (released in 2017) and ultimately MASK was formed.

Following on, MASK released their critically acclaimed debut album "The Famous" (2018), crafting bluesy and gritty slabs of atmospheric indie rock that echoed the work of contemporaries like The Black Keys, Band Of Skulls and the Arctic Monkeys meant MASK gained real traction within the musical press;

“The Famous” is a marauding beast of an album Louder Than War

“They look to redefine the retro experience for the modern age” Music News Today

2019 saw MASK performing at numerous award ceremonies, back-to-back tours of Scotland with a highlight being their performance at ButeFest music festival. This resulted in a live album entitled “Rock, Drop and Roll” (2019).

2021 saw the release of their second studio album "Smiling Assassins", with heavy guitar riffs, pounding drums and infectious sing-alongs it is an unpretentious blues-licked assault...

2023 has been the take-off year for MASK.  Whilst wowing crowds across Europe, came the release of their "monster" third studio album “Zenith”!, featured in Blues In Britain, Rock Blues Review, XS Noize, Chordblossom and Buzzslayers.  Leading to the band performing live on the BBC.  

Having amassed over three million streams/downloads MASK are showing the world that honest musical talent and hard work will always overcome.

Check out the bands Best Of playlist on Spotify! 

Beneath their hard sound there is an emotional honesty that sets their work apart”

— Indie Crush Magazine