MASK in Belfast


Meet Belfast Blues Rockers MASK who are currently shaking up Northern Ireland! Deliberately avoiding studio trickery, auto-tune and generic fakery, they are genuine friends delivering their tracks in a couple of takes with vintage equipment with the sole purpose of entertaining their audience.

Their time playing together is precious and the furious energy produced when they meet is tangible on their tracks.

Having released their debut EP ‘The Truth’ in 2017 and their groundbreaking album ‘The Famous’ in 2018 – their honest musical talent and hard work have suddenly been revealed for the world to see – and hear!

MASK are led by H (guitar/vocals) who is based in Belfast, along with childhood friends Daz (bass) and Craig (guitar/vocals) and Paul on drums. 

Beneath their hard sound there is an emotional honesty that sets their work apart”

— Indie Crush Magazine