The MASK Fundraiser - Feeling the Pressure

The MASK Fundraiser - Feeling the Pressure 

On the 25th of November we will play a fundraiser in McHughs, Belfast to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support and to be honest I am feeling the pressure. 

Playing the gig itself isn’t creating any pressure (not yet anyway) that bit is actually exciting!  Having families really restricts us on touring/gigs so we are like ‘caged tigers’ at present, ready to tear any venue apart! 

What is creating pressure is who the gig is for - the MacMillan Cancer Support Organisation.  

This blog really isn’t the place to delve too much into personal stories but let’s just say the subject of cancer is something very personal and intertwined with us as a band - I have no doubt that we were emotionally charged by this to want to do take action. 

When we set about choosing a charity we were blown away by the amazing stories of how MacMillan nurses would often drive through the night, no matter what the weather conditions or no matter when to appear like angels to ease the suffering of someone battling with cancer.   

I often let myself down and that’s ok but where I feel pressure is how can we possibly let down the people who never let anyone down… 

Wish us luck and please help us spread the word to raise money for these amazing people. 

MASK Fundraiser information and ticket links 

Peace out, 

H from MASK

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