The MASK Blog - The Stories Behind The Songs 

The MASK Blog - The Stories Behind The Songs 

Today I officially signed my social life away by agreeing to write a blog on each of the MASK songs.  The idea came from discussing a tune for a magazine feature and all sorts of little details started to filter out that became quite interesting.   

I have always been quite guarded on revealing too much behind the meaning of a song, reason being - once a song has been released, I really don’t own it anymore.  It belongs to the listener, and it can mean whatever they want it to mean. 

I remember watching an audience with Lyndsey Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac on TV and a member of the audience stood up and thanked Lyndsey for the song “Sara” - he went on to say that it was his mothers name and they played it at her funeral.  He then asked what the story behind the song and Lyndsey replied that it was just a lyric to fit the song.  The guy asking the question looked devastated and I hope I avoid this reaction. 

I view songs as old friends - it will be kind of cathartic to review all of them individually and I will be brutally honest and hopefully provide an interesting insight about them and the recording process. 

There are currently fourteen MASK songs to talk about and we will choose a new song at random each time using a random name generator - stay tuned!   

We just finished a new song last week called “Please the People” and hopefully we will get in the studio and get a finished track down to make it number fifteen!  Hopefully you will all hear it in July for when we travel to Scotland for a mini tour and to play ButeFest.

Some people probably write fifteen blogs a day!  Respect.  My sausage fingers and small brain means this to me is a herculean task - let battle commence… 

Peace out  
H from MASK

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