Ruido Sucio and MASK discuss "The Famous"

Mask (the Belfast band) have a new record out called "The Famous" and we talked to H from MASK about it.

From Blues Guitars to real British Pop Rock with no boundaries - let's meet them!


  • The Famous sounds very different from "The Truth" - what led you to make this change? 

Well I think we have raised our game to make what is predominately a rock and roll album.  We actually went through a very difficult time trying to make this album and so the decision was made to make it ‘fun’ more than anything else. 

“The Truth” was an EP that we produced ourselves in a tiny garage where as “The Famous” we found a very talented young producer (Michael Mormecha) in a very crazy/fun recording studio. 

The studio itself is an old farm house in the country side with pianos in the garden and microphones hanging from the ceilings! 

We were able to record like bands used to in the 60’s and 70’s using live rooms to capture a very unique sound that you just don’t hear nowadays. 

  • Why the famous? 

Two reasons really; 

1.  There is theme in a couple of the songs looking at the crazy “celebrity” obsessed culture that we seem to live in. 

2.  We have a very sarcastic sense of humour and we found the title “The Famous” quite funny because we are definitely ‘not famous’… 

  • What are the songs on the new album about? 

It's both personal to my what was going on in my life at the time and my observations on the world I guess…  Some humorous, some very serious. 

There is one very ‘fragile’ song at the end of the album called “Forever Still” - its a story I heard on the radio about an unmarried couple who were given the tragic news that the female in the relationship had severe terminal cancer. 

Her time was so short that they got married in the hospital room before she passed away. 

The song really doesn’t belong on a rock and roll album but somehow it fits and it WILL break your heart! 

  •  What are your expectations? 

“The Famous” actually feels very special because all the songs are so strong and could be singles - which is what we wanted. 

How it will fair is for the world to decide I guess… 

Like everything in life I believe you only get back what you put in.  I do know for sure that we put everything into this - so let's hope that theory works out haha… 

  •  Do you plan to tour to present this new album? 

We are all parents so its incredibly difficult to just drop everything and go, we will see - we have some options/offers but it has to be right. 

Given the nature of the song “Forever Still” we have decided to do a charity concert to raise money for cancer support in the local area.  It's currently in the planning phase but we know it will happen in November of this year for sure…

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