MASK - Writing the song ‘Celebrity’ 

MASK - Writing the song ‘Celebrity’ 

Last week ‘Love Music, Love Life’ made our new single ‘Celebrity’  their Track of the Day and yesterday we found out that the cool cats at ‘Hot Press’ have done the same!  This has left us feeling rather overwhelmed and very grateful - so thank you. 

The music in ‘Celebrity’ is most definitely inspired by good old fashioned ’70’s’ style glam rock.  We wanted to make it sound like a ‘rock ’n’ roll blues train’ with that constant almost train-like rhythm carrying the beat. 

A lot of people are saying its sounds quite like the ‘Artic Monkeys' which is of course quite flattering but really I think we just have similar inspirations from back in the day. 

The lyric is my humorous look at the obsessive celebrity culture we seem to live in today. 

Whether it be on an island, jungle, beach, farm or locked in a house together - you’re sure to see a ‘celebrity’ being prodded with a stick like a rat in a cage for the worlds amusement! 

What I didn’t expect last year when we released our EP was the reaction of people (rolling their eyes) saying “so you want to be famous, a celebrity’’…  It’s something I never even thought off - but what a great idea for a song! 

Peace out, 

H from MASK

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