MASK - The Underdogs!

MASK - the Underdogs! 

Recently we shot band videos for our debut album and I was booking a make-up artist.  They said they would usually need around one hour before the shoot starts to get everything done.  After going away to look at our website/who we were they then said they would need three hours with us instead of the standard one hour! Haha… Now, obviously this hurt our ego, but really I guess its the reality of the situation… 

We don’t fit the “rock-star” mould in the slightest - we aren’t particularly cool, we are all parents, we don’t have the look or the lifestyles and we have this warped sense of humour that is going to get us in trouble (watch this space!) 

I started work on this album before our debut EP "The Truth" was even released last year! 

With everything being against us, we HAVE to produce something “exceptional" as opposed to something “very good” - so YES we are the underdogs - but thats ok, it just makes us work harder! 

Our debut album is called “The Famous” and its due out on August the 31st - it truly is the result of hard work and I will blog more on the process very soon.  

Peace and thank you to everyone for the support.

H from MASK.

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