MASK - "The Truth" Vs "The Famous"

MASK - “The Truth” Vs “The Famous” 

We are presently receiving feedback from the trusted ears we played our debut album to ahead of its release on Friday -  and the general feeling is that “it’s very different” - so what’s changed? 

Well - we have! We’ve evolved our songwriting tenfold, after last year’s debut EP gave us the confidence to ‘take the gloves off’. It wasn’t plain sailing though...

It’s fair to say my eyes widened as I drove up the lane to Millbank Studios - it was lined with severed mannequins and, at first glance, I could see at least two old pianos in the front garden. 

I was here because for about four months previous we had tried (unsuccessfully) to get “The Famous” from demos to a finished product. It was ‘famously’ draining more money, time and effort than I’d ever imagined and was seriously heading to the bin! 

A part of me honestly expected Michael (who runs Millbank) to turn us away because I had lost faith in the process and our confidence was completely shot… Instead, he clapped his hands loudly and said “ok, let's get to work!” - so we did… 

Michael is an incredibly talented, humble guy who gave us a new lease of life and allowed us to solely focus on the music. 

We had grand plans of string orchestras and gospel choirs for “The Famous” but sadly the money ran out and time was ticking away. We decided to go back to basics and we’ve created what is predominately a fun, rock and roll album. 

As a band you go through some serious ups and downs! Had we not met Michael or been the best of friends supporting each other throughout, then “The Famous” and most likely MASK would be over by now. 

Thank you for all the kind messages and support. We absolutely love this record and hope we have done everyone involved proud. 

Peace out, 

H from MASK

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