MASK - The ‘Celebrity’ Video 

MASK - The ‘Celebrity’ Video 

Last week saw the release of the video for ‘Celebrity’ - the first single taken from our debut album ‘The Famous’. 

We actually shot four music videos in one day with ‘Celebrity’ being the final one.  The day was spent quite literally running around, trying to be in three places at once before hitting the pub to celebrate! 

Before the final shoot someone said - “Surely it can’t be rock ’n’ roll to be dressed like Michael Bublé?!” 

Of course this made me laugh but in truth it was my vision from day dot.  As soon as I finished writing the song I put in my notes “video in white shirts/smart dress”. 

Selling it to the lads wasn’t easy but thankfully they succumbed to my peer/beer pressure. 

And so to my ‘visions’ (I feel like the boy in the sixth sense here!) - they are constant and I probably need a boat-load of therapy.  I had actually visualised the entire “The Famous” album before any of “The Truth” EP was even released… 

On the one hand, this visualisation process has allowed me to create something I can be eternally proud off.  On the other - I’ve been awake since 3.17am and have just counted thirteen songs that are currently being worked on in my head at present… 

What a paradox! 

Thank you to everyone for the kind messages and continued support, we feel the love! 

Peace out, 

H from MASK

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