MASK - New album to be released this month!

MASK - New album to be released this month 

It is with immense pride that I can say we have a new album due out in 3 weeks time! (Friday August 31st!) 

It would be kind of cool to say I was holding the mastered version of the album in my hands as we speak but really it was emailed to me, haha!  Not as glamorous these days on that front I guess...

The album will be called “The Famous” and will be made up of 9 tracks. 

More to follow very soon!

On a personal front - I have almost fully healed up thankfully.  Again thanks for all the well wishes.   

I took some time out to see Italy in all its beauty (at last) and next week I will hook up with Craig from the band in Poland to watch him perform and hopefully get some chill-out time together before the album release.  Exciting times…. Peace. 

H from MASK

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