MASK - How We Met

In 2004 I walk into a building and I hear someone playing and singing “She Loves You” - and it’s Daz.   

As a big Beatles fan and someone who had just started playing guitar I stood over him and mentally dominated him until he stopped and finally spoke to me! 

I had two tickets to a Beatles tribute band that very night and I said we should go together and so off we went on our awkward first date haha…  When the music kicked in and the drinks started to flow I knew I had met a friend for life.   

I was living away from home at this point and Daz’s family kind of took me in.  They put a roof over my head and food in my belly.  His brothers would become like brothers to me and they are some of the absolute best people in my life. 

Daz’s childhood friend was Craig and he said with our love of the Beatles he and I would definitely get along and so we headed up north to Liverpool.   

I remember meeting Craig for the first time and being very intimated - here was a guy who could sing any song and play any instrument.  What sealed Craig and my friendship was analysing the little details in Beatles songs that only true fans/geeks pick up on.  Craig’s family and friend’s  also took me in and again are some of the best people I hold dear in my life. 

From then on the three of us would take any valuable opportunity we had to spend the day jamming in rehearsal spaces in Liverpool before hitting the town/the cavern!  We were completely broke but didn’t care (American tourists are the best people to steal drinks from btw) - they were great days. 

Everyone who meets Paul tends to say the same thing - he really is the “nicest guy on the planet” - it will soon be ten years since I first saw him on drums in Glasgow and I knew then that if I could get him involved we would have something special.  Thankfully I did and we have the MASK line up for “The Famous”. 

The very first song Daz, Craig and I played together almost 15 years ago was “I Saw Her Standing There” but collectively we’ve never actually played it live together.  Tonight we’ve decided to end the show this song for old times sake.  It’s gonna be emotional. 

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Peace out, 

H from MASK

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