MASK Blog - So They Say (Story behind the Song)

So They Say is the third track on our debut album “The Famous” and ultimately this song is a huge f*ck you to authority and all the ‘naysayers’ out there - at this point, I shall dip into the dictionary; 

Naysayer = a person who criticises, objects to or opposes something. 

With this subject matter in mind and my life experience of dealing with negative people - I probably could have written twenty verses for this song!   

The big chunky guitar sound we captured was actually from the demo recorded by Craig and myself at my house using a home-made valve amp, we were going for 60’s “Trogg’s” style

We made (at least) two mistakes on this track with timing but just decided to leave them in - when the vocals should start it carries on for a few extra beats.  It was left in because we weren’t trying to make a polished performance and felt it was better to be ‘human’ about what we were doing, we all make mistakes and this song is about not being perfect!

When it came to recording the vocals it took around four takes in the studio and on each of the takes the lyrics varied, reason being - I have never actually written the words down for this song!  I liked the freedom of freestyling to see what would come out.  There was a load of gibberish included in this… 

The ‘call and answer’ backing vocals in verse two are us tipping our cap to the Beatles and their song yellow submarine. 

The guitar solo was added last on the song and was captured in one take.  No messing around… 

We have never played it live as a band but we have decided to try and give it a debut performance when we travel to Scotland for ButeFest in July.  (Maybe we should partially paint our faces blue when we do this song of freedommmm!) 

If you want my advice:  Cut the naysayers out of your life right now!  And play this song as loud as possible to signal the “new you” - enjoy! 

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Peace Out  
H from MASK

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