MASK Blog - Round the World (For a Short Cut) 

MASK Blog - Round the World (For a Short Cut) 

Firstly allow me to apologise for neglecting my blogging duties - there are never enough hours in the day it seems… 

We have just released the track - Round the World (for a short cut) as a single from our debut album “The Famous” and thought we would give a bit of insight into the song. 

With six weeks to go before the album was due to be finished I made the decision to bin half the tracks and do a re-write.  This was a tough decision to make but the album lacked an identity and I had made a vow to only release songs I/we could truly believe in.   

With my head completely fried from music  I made the decision to make a plan of action and go to Budapest for a week and think about anything other than music!  Then come back fresh and ready to do the re-write the album needed. 

I check into my air b n b and wouldn't you know there's an old vintage guitar on the wall… I didn’t even want to look at it.   

A couple of days into the trip, curiosity gets the better of me and go to the wall to retrieve said guitar.  It has strings missing and can’t really be tuned but I managed to get it some kind of order to get the basics of a track down.   

The song kind of wrote itself there and then, one of those five minute songs that comes from thin air.  The lyric is about staying in “dead” relationships longer than we should and also relates to how people can judge us from the outside looking in.  Quite deep now that I look back over it all… 

I had been singing for four days straight when I was reminded that a vocal was needed on this track - this meant I had to just blast it out with very little technique.  The scream that you can hear in the song kind of sums up my frustration that day.  Still, it gives the track a rawness and I actually like it now for that reason.

The driving bass line at the end/outro is an idea I recorded on my phone about a year and a half before the song was conceived and I had been dying for the opportunity to get it into a song!   

Willy (our secret weapon guitar player) came into the studio and quite simply blew everyone away with some serious guitar playing skills.  We felt like we had been punched in the face… Check the song out for yourselves and let us know what you think of it.  

Round the World (for a Short Cut) on Spotify 

Round the World (for a Short Cut) on iTunes 

Round the World (for a Short Cut) video - recorded live in Belfast 

Thanks to everyone for the continued support we receive - we really are humbled by the kind words and truly feel the love. 

Peace out, 

H from MASK.

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