MASK Blog - "How's the music thing going?"

Without doubt, this is the most asked question in my life these days and to be honest, I never know how to answer it. 

Today is our one year anniversary since we released our debut EP to the world and its been such a whirlwind experience.  As I look back over the year I think I have experienced every emotion imaginable.  Firstly, let’s look at what it’s cost; 

Time - When I quit my day job two years ago to start this journey I really didn’t factor in the time and effort required to making music. You can lose days trying to make a song as best as possible only never to release it.  On one of our songs (Let’s Talk About Me) one guitar bend wasn’t quite right.  It took us half a day in the studio to get it just right and we still weren’t 100% satisfied! 

Money - There’s no easy way to say this - it has cost thousands of pounds!  And maybe we will never see that again.  You are constantly in a battle with how much do you back yourself and you simply can’t compete without it. 

Effort - Spotify alone receives four thousand hours worth of new music a day apparently!  To be heard by anyone amongst that takes ‘quality’ and to achieve that takes effort!  They say you have to walk before you can run but in the case of releasing music you have to crawl!  You crawl to music reviewers, spotify playlisters, PR companies, radio DJ’s and everyone and anyone you can who will listen.  Fair to say its ‘ego-bashing’. 

So what have we gained; 

Pride - I calculate that on Spotify alone, the music we have released has been listened to 44,800 times over the year (on average 123 times a day) somewhere around the world.  Compared to the big player’s these are not big numbers but I’m proud of them because we worked for them! 

Friends - When I go on stage my best friends are to the left and right of me.  As friends throughout most of our adult lives we have been through every emotion possible together.  Releasing this music has made our friendship stronger than ever and it’s an incredible feeling when you can trust each other to be there no matter what.  We have also built a team of dependable people around us who we know have always got our backs.  We are a loyal bunch. 

Fans - I never expected to be writing this bit but everyday I am humbled by the kind messages of support and by the constant loyalty shown to us by people around the world who enjoy our music.  Thanks to all of you and we hope we can continue to do you proud. 

And so to the million dollar question - has it all been worth it? 

Yes!  We’re in a Rock ’N’ Roll band! 

P.S. Check out the FaceBook Link to our MacMillan Fundraiser in Belfast on Nov 25th - please give it a share if you can. 

Peace out, 

H from MASK

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