MASK Blog - Forever Still (Live Version) 

MASK Blog - Forever Still (Live Version) 

Today see’s the release of a new video from us.  A live stripped back version of our song “Forever Still” performed from our last gig in Belfast. 

For this song it was just me on acoustic and Willy on “whispering” electric guitar. Breaking things down this way gave the song a kind of a country theme, a market people definitely wouldn’t associate us with but there you have it. (I just pictured us all in Cowboy hats, 2020 calendar maybe…) 

I was terrified before this performance because the beauty of being in a full band is you can usually “hide” any little mistakes and if you mess up someone is usually there to take up the slack. 

“Forever Still” is the story of how a couple get married in a hospital room due to the female in the relationship getting diagnosed with cancer.  She passes away in the early hours with their family around them. 

A lot of people say it’s a VERY sad song (usually with wide eyes) but I really don’t see it that way.  I truly believe this song to be something beautiful because I always imagine the couple involved lived a full life together and at the end they had the people who truly mattered with them.  I guess it’s how you view things… 

I wrote this song from the male’s point of view in the relationship because I knew it was the only way I could truly “feel” it. 

I am not a good singer (I will be the first to admit that) but I do hope people believe me when I sing and that I come across as being real and human. 

Up there performing that song, I felt so real that I couldn’t have made a mistake if I tried. 

I hope you like it and thank you to everyone for supporting us. 

We really feel like minnows in this huge musical sea at times!  If you can recommend our music, social media, these blogs or our videos to anyone we would really appreciate it. 

"Forever Still" - live video

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Peace out,

H from MASK

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