MASK - About our new single “Greatest Lie”  

MASK - About our new single “Greatest Lie”  

Often we get messages saying “what genre are you?”   

Sometimes this is written with an exclamation mark at the end!  And sometimes even in CAPITAL LETTERS as if to shout from the rooftops!  Hold onto you hats here - sometimes its even BOTH!  (Be still my beating heart…) 

Well, this song is only going to add to the chaos because it’s a mix of folk, rock, blues with elements of Celtic, Spanish and even Indian themes thrown in for good measure. 

Fun Fact: At one point there were even bag-pipes in this song! 

Whilst watching a Bob Dylan documentary - I just decided I would try and do something “folky” and from there came the riff that runs through the whole song. 

Craig added the idea of the build in the song and when it explodes at the end with furious energy, we knew we had something pretty special. 

The people lined up for backing vocals didn’t actually show up and as we ran out of time our producers girlfriend said she could have a go.  After a few average takes we said to her ‘just let go and go for it’ - when she did we all just looked at each other in amazement.  Her vocal added something really special and the stars aligned. 

So what is the ‘Greatest Lie?’ - well that would be telling… 

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Peace out, 

H from MASK

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