MASK Blog - The Journey of "Show Me Love" Chapter 2: The Title

MASK Blog - The Journey of "Show Me Love" Chapter 2: The Title

Picking up from yesterday:  For nearly two years (!) I was walking around like a puffed up little pigeon about this catchy bass riff I had come up, and all I had on top of that was a working title of “Knockin Boots”. 

But alas, this is not enough for a song... (unless you're into dance music - *H lands a body blow to all dance music fans around the world!) 

What broke the deadlock was one day, whilst walking through Belfast city centre, I noticed all these little signs or spray-painted 'tags' around saying “Show Some Love”.  I was rather down in the dumps on this particular day and it put a smile on my face.  Not only because of the little message of positivity but also because I knew I had acquired a new title to this song! 

I worked on "Show Some Love" and "Show Your Love" for a while but then I altered it to my mood and hey presto, “Show Me Love” was born. 

Tune in tomorrow to find out what the subject matter of the song is about, trust me when I say this: it's way more serious than you think!! 

You can listen to the track on Spotify, Apple Music or Youtube

Til then,

Peace and (Show Me) Love, H

P.S.  I only learnt today that "Show Some Love" is some kind of movement and I have to say upon reading what they are about i'm a fan of their message!  You can find them here.  See you tomorrow.

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