The song that doesn't belong on our album and the MASK Fundraiser

A few years back, whilst driving, I was listening to a radio talk-show and there was a guy talking who, in a word, was “captivating”.  

The topic of the show was “how do you tell someone they have cancer?” and the guy talking was a doctor who actually trains junior doctors on this subject. 

In the 1970’s, as a young doctor he was handed the duty of telling an elderly couple that the lady in the relationship had severe terminal cancer and she would likely die that night. 

Upon entering the room he could not simply give the cold hard facts so instead he asked them questions about how they met and why they never actually got married? 

The couple said they were too busy over the years and never got round to it, then pointed to their grown-up children waiting outside the hospital room.  The young doctor informed them that the news wasn’t good and that the elderly lady didn’t have much time. 

Upon hearing this the elderly gentleman called in his daughter and asked her to organise a church for them to be married in, but the young doctor informed them they didn’t have enough time for that. 

It was decided that a minister be brought in and the couple be married in that very hospital room with their family gathered round her bed side.  She died in the early hours. 

The song is called ‘Forever Still’ and although it does not belong on a rock ’n’ roll record, it kind of sits perfectly at the end on its own like a very fragile flower. 

Given the nature of this song, we have teamed up with MacMillan Cancer Support and have arranged to play a fund-raising concert in Belfast on November 25th.

We really want to raise as much money as possible for this fantastic charity and we're making it our mission to put on one hell of a show.  Wish us luck.

Peace out, 

H from MASK

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