Our brand-new single: "Hunter Becomes The Hunted" is about a fantasy of mine...

Hello all, 

I thought I would blog to give a general update (because it's been a while!) and to provide the low-down on our brand-new single: "Hunter Becomes The Hunted". 

About me: I am living on an island on the west coast of Portugal. It's a 'back-to-basics' simple life in a little stone cottage. The wind howls through this place like a demon whispering into your soul! No electricity, hot water or internet makes me a very unhappy boy, but on the flip side, I have a new-found appreciation for the mod-cons of modern life. (Yesterday, next door allowed me to use their shower, and it was heaven!). 

I live on a steady diet of porridge and local seafood. I spend my days surfing, walking the hound, reading and writing on my trusty acoustic. I love solitude and getting lost in my thoughts. Which is a beautiful segway (if I do say so myself) to discuss our new single. 

I wrote "Hunter Becomes The Hunted" in Krakow, Poland - during the lockdown, sat on my balcony overlooking some beautiful gardens filled with wildlife. 

The song is about a fantasy of mine; 

(Now, if you read the word fantasy and go to a sexual place - know that you are my kind people, but no, not on this occasion). 

My lost-in-thought fantasy: What if we turned the tables on those who choose to "trophy hunt" the wild, beautiful animals of this world? What if we relentlessly hounded, hunted, slaughtered and then strung them up all for a photograph opportunity? 

I suspect the shoe being on the other foot wouldn't be a pleasant experience - karma being a bitch and all that... 

And so we have the song; big guitar riffs to weave my dark tale of retribution. I am incredibly proud. 

Listen on Spotify or YouTube. Please let us know what you think - it's so important and valuable to us. 

I want to mention my musical genius bandmate Craig, our producer and dear friend, Michael Mormecha and Kristen Rogers for her amazing backing vocals. 

Such incredible talents - thank you. 

Peace, love and surfs up 🤙 

H (on his little island)



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