The MASK Blog: Why "Zenith" and why Poland??

Dobry Dzień (I believe this means Good Day in Polish, correct me if I'm wrong Polish peeps)? 

I'm in Poland and thought I would do a blog to give context on why we are here and some info on the process behind our upcoming new studio album; 

Picture the scene, if you will, of a national lock-down ending and all those hungry, "live performance" starved musicians bursting from their cocoons to grace the stage to fill the desperate void their lives have been lacking!   

And allow me to say that I was one of them! 

I missed it all terribly because the feedback you get from a live audience is what it's all about.  Playing gigs from home makes you realise this.   

My father passed away recently, and the best advice I ever got from him was to "work smarter, not harder". 

So instead of bursting through the gates to compete with every other musician in the planet (!) to play at half capacity, social distanced and poorly advised music venues.  I chose for us to do the opposite.  We would wait and retreat into the studio to record a new album. 

During this recording process, I vowed that we would never record an album in this way ever again.  And we won't.  It's difficult to explain but I just felt we had reached our "Zenith" - hence the new album name... 

So why Poland?   

In a word - "Opportunity". 

Craig has lived here for a long time and has developed incredible musical networks.  And so we thought, why not use these and try to do something bigger than we've ever done before.  

And so here we are - rehearsing new material with a brand new seven-piece band/MASK line-up to grace the stages and perform in incredible musical settings that we would never even be able to consider back home. 

It's exciting and brings me back to the early days of MASK, where there were so many unknowns - it's "go big or go home" time!  Wish us luck! 

"Warning Shots" is the first single of the new album - click here to have a listen.

Peace, H x

P.S. The beautiful women and weather are an added bonus! 🇵🇱 

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