MASK Blog - Things you didn't know about Smiling Assassins Part 2: "Arse About Face"

Good afternoon all, 

I am in the City of Porto, Portugal and there’s no easy way to say this - I'm dealing with a huge “groupie” problem! 

It’s my goddam handsome dog (up-staging me once again) folks…   

Every time we go for a walk, we get a gathering of canine admirers following us through the streets.  I am the pied piper of pooches in Porto! (try saying that three times, really fast…)  

This blog is the second part of things you may not know about our album “Smiling Assassins” (Part one is here if you need a recap) I want to entitle this one“Arse About Face”, which is an expression where I’m from that means doing something the wrong way around - allow me to explain; 

Our album wasn’t supposed to have been called “Smiling Assassins”.  

Our first choice was “Glamourpuss” but we discovered that around the world, it was really difficult to pronounce and over time that factor wore us down.   

Our second choice was “The Ascendence”, but we couldn’t come up with the artwork that we liked in time!  (We blame our graphic designer for selfishly having a child during our time of crisis 😆)

And so, with deadline day looming we decided to do things the wrong way round and go with what we already had (i.e. Arse about face!)   

What I will say is that the album name “Smiling Assassins” has gone down an absolute storm with the world and I guess we have fate to thank for this. It’s always nice to land butter-side up! 

Ok, for now, I must go and look for a barge pole to beat away all these horny bitches, always wanted to say that 😅 peace y’all. 

H x    

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P.S. You can see why....


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