MASK Blog - The Journey of Show Me Love.  Chapter 4:  The Recording

MASK Blog - The Journey of Show Me Love. Chapter 4: The Recording 

It took as long to record “Show Me Love” as the entire album!! This is crazy because it has to be the most simple tune we've ever released. 

We became our own worst enemy in the studio as we just kept thinking we could get it better, and in turn, we complicated things beyond belief. 

At different times this song had "lasers" on it (yes frucking "lasers" - Austin Powers fans) and all sorts of different drones/synths/samples. I also remember a trumpet/brass section being tried out. 

The drums were recorded on five separate occasions, in all different areas of the studio. The guitars were recorded four times by three different guitar players and still, we couldn't agree it was finished. With each layer, we added to try and rectify the song we seemed to lose "groove". 

Then, one fateful day that I will never forget as long as I live, we were listening in the control room to the "final, final mix" and Michael our producer just leaned across and hit the delete button! Although you couldn’t tell me this at the time, it was the best way. We started again from scratch and knocked out the song in about two hours! 

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Tune in next time to find out why we nearly gave this song away! 

Peace and (Show Me) Love, H

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