MASK - The ‘Celebrity’ Video 

MASK - The ‘Celebrity’ Video 

Last week saw the release of the video for ‘Celebrity’ - the first single taken from our debut album ‘The Famous’. 

We actually shot four music videos in one day with ‘Celebrity’ being…

MASK - Writing the song ‘Celebrity’ 

MASK - Writing the song ‘Celebrity’ 

Last week ‘Love Music, Love Life’ made our new single ‘Celebrity’  their Track of the Day and yesterday we found out that the cool cats at ‘Hot Press’ have done the same!  This

Ruido Sucio and MASK discuss "The Famous"

Mask (the Belfast band) have a new record out called "The Famous" and we talked to H from MASK about it.

From Blues Guitars to real British Pop Rock with no boundaries - let's meet them!


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MASK - "The Truth" Vs "The Famous"

MASK - “The Truth” Vs “The Famous” 

We are presently receiving feedback from the trusted ears we played our debut album to ahead of its release on Friday -  and the general feeling is that “it’s very different” -

MASK - The Underdogs!

MASK - the Underdogs! 

Recently we shot band videos for our debut album and I was booking a make-up artist.  They said they would usually need around one hour before the shoot starts to get everything done.  After going

MASK - New album to be released this month!

MASK - New album to be released this month 

It is with immense pride that I can say we have a new album due out in 3 weeks time! (Friday August 31st!) 

It would be kind of cool…

MASK Update - Crazy Times 

MASK Update - Crazy Times 

At random I was attacked recently and it left me in a bad way but life goes on and I am thankful for all the support I have received.  Whilst actually waiting in Accident…

MASK - Hurt Like You

I was asked at the weekend where lyrics come from?  My reply was “I have no idea!” 

What I do know is that I am always looking and listening out for a song - from reading books, overhearing conversations…

Recent Magazine Article on MASK

Below is an article H from MASK done recently for Ruido Sucio - the Argentinian Music Magazine;


1.  What can you tell us about your debut - The Truth?

 “The Truth” has a very real, raw and

My Top Tips for Songwriting (continued)  

“Firstly allow me to apologise for not blogging sooner!  I have been swamped in a band related project but sadly I cant reveal what that is until the summer - so watch this space…  Thank you for the kind comments