MASK Blog - Promoting the "Smiling Assassins" Album on the road!!

About two weeks ago I got a gut feeling that I should try and learn to surf and so I packed up the car and with my dog/furry wingman “Riley” by my side, we drove to sunny Biarritz in the south of France.  

I've just finished surf school for the day and I feel exhilarated but yet shattered!   

(Side tangent: I have officially never felt uglier in my life next to all those beautiful surfer dudes! I am pretty sure I must have looked like a white bin bag filled with mango juice by comparison - anyway…) 

My reason for travel isn’t all pleasure - I knew the new MASK album would need promoting and I wanted to keep life interesting and exciting during the process. My routine is: wake up, do a 45-minute coastal walk to and from surf school and then it’s band PR for the rest of the day (emails, interviews, radio play updates) until finally dinner, sleep and go again… 

I struggle when promoting a record, it’s probably my least favourite element to the whole process - and that is because it takes effort, resilience, patience and acceptance.  

For every bit of press you get, you have to (hat in hand) ask for it.  It's usually on a ten to one success ratio.

We never blanket message or do mass ‘cc’ed emails because in a saturated market it’s entirely ineffective and lazy. I firmly believe you get out of it what you put in.   

Check here for our latest press/album review from the cats at your music experience - it’s shockingly good and it makes me so proud! 

Thank you for reading and links to the "Smiling Assassins" album are below 👇 we would love if you would share it with your friends.

Peace out, “beach bum” H 🤙 x  


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