MASK Blog - The Journey of "Show Me Love" Chapter 3: The meaning

MASK Blog - The Journey of "Show Me Love" Chapter 3:  The meaning

I have personally referred to Show Me Love as a 'disco vibed, retro-funk, street strutting banger'!

But, the song is actually a break-up song and the lyric is very personal to me and how I was feeling at the time.  To sum it up, I felt very broken and entirely disconnected from the world. 

The trouble I have is that I tend to do most things on my own and when you become so insulated (I'm working on it!) then things can get so very dark, so very quickly. 

All my life I have struggled to be able to reach out and ask for the help that I know is always on offer.  

With “Show Me Love” I was at a stage of my life where it has gone too dark on me and I am very much asking for that help,  I’m saying “Right now I need a bit of TLC and love”! 

Listen to the lyrics and you'll get the gist of things.

As a side fun fact: The lyric “I light myself another cigarette” is mapacho tobacco that I was smoking after my recent return from Peru. (I probably should alter all my insurance forms now having revealed that last bit!) 

Tune in next time to hear, why this song took longer to record by itself than the entire album! 

Allow me to end on a serious and important note; 

If you struggle to ask for help like me, then I beg you to consider being open to looking at life a little differently.  When we block out everything and everyone to go it alone, then we also, as a consequence, block out all that light and love that is on offer.  Reach out to someone and talk, just a little bit at a time if need be.  Don't let the darkness creep up and take over.  (I have a tear in my eye writing this) Be well. 

See you Friday as I'm recording tomorrow!!  A-woo - hoo!  (It's a new MASK album for 2022 btw). 

Peace and (Show Me) Love, H x

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