MASK Blog - We Were In Jail! (And Parisian Blue)

Hi MASK Fans, 

This is 'H' from the band speaking to you.  

Yes! We were in jail...

(Cool your jets folks, it isn't the rock n roll behaviour you may be expecting)!

According to computer algorithms our song 'Smiling Assassins' was "red-flagged" as being a political tune and all our accounts were frozen and so we were put in 'Social Media Jail' (I did warn you about this anti-climax)!  On top of that - COVID has made having a band called "MASK" a nightmare, a lot of our posts are being rejected or we are mistaken for MASK Salespeople! 

With this in mind, we have decided to focus on building an email list so we can contact our fans direct.  If you want to hear from us then drop us a note at and we will add you to the list...  I personally plan to write personal newsletters where possible as well as free music links and special merch offers.

And now to the news!!

So it turns out COVID is a right pain in the ass!  In the summer with no live music opportunities on the horizon, we decided to meet up in sunny Gdansk, Poland to shoot a live 'stripped back' version of "Smiling Assassins" - click here to give it a watch

Currently, we are locked down in separate countries which presents challenges but, that doesn't mean a break from music - (can anyone else hear "The Show Must Go On" by Queen right now?!!!!) 

Last month I was fortunate enough to appear on BBC radio to talk about the band, and what our plans are for 2021 - you can check that interview with the wonderful Kathy Clugston out here

And last but not least, we have a brand new song out called "Parisian Blue" - I wrote it in the "City of Love" last year on a bass guitar. It's fun, energetic and I make no apology for it being your head for the rest of the day! 

Click here to give it a listen. 

Please take care of yourselves, AND if you can share our music with just one person, we will be forever grateful. 

Peace out you beautiful people, 

H from MASK 

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