MASK Blog - Hurt Like You (Story behind the Song) 

MASK Blog - Hurt Like You (Story behind the Song) 

Hurt Like You track no 5 on our debut EP “The Truth” 

The last time I spoke to someone about this song they tenderly touched my arm and gave me a look like my dog has just died…  

I guess the lyric of “no-one hurt like you” must mean to some people a break up of sorts and could be construed as me crying my heart out.  It’s really not and I just wanna say I’m fine everyone!  But thank you for the concern… 

Writing songs is a crazy business because sometimes you can chip and chisel at them for years and then sometimes they fall from the sky in five minutes.  ‘Hurt Like you’ is one of these five-minute wonders and it remains one of my favourite MASK songs. 

The lyrics are gospel based and are about a man setting out on a metaphorical journey to who knows where - I don’t know myself… 

The idea for the bass line of the song was actually the noise made above my head as I was in my car, in traffic under a fly-over bridge.  I started hitting the steering wheel to the sound it was making and recorded it into my phone.   

The track sounds enormous due to 17 guitar tracks being played in unison to give it a huge “stomp” feeling.  The drums sound enormous but in fact, they were recorded in a room so small you could nearly touch the sides by holding your arms out!  

Fun fact about this song: there is actually a second part to this song that has never been released.  It’s a follow up to the story and the plan is to release it on our next album. 

I hope I have brought this song to life in a way for you all.  Have a listen and tell me what you think of it.  As ever if you think anyone would enjoy this blog or the song then please send it their way. 

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Peace Out  
H from MASK

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