MASK - "The Truth" Vs "The Famous"

MASK - “The Truth” Vs “The Famous” 

We are presently receiving feedback from the trusted ears we played our debut album to ahead of its release on Friday -  and the general feeling is that “it’s very different” -

MASK - The Underdogs!

MASK - the Underdogs! 

Recently we shot band videos for our debut album and I was booking a make-up artist.  They said they would usually need around one hour before the shoot starts to get everything done.  After going

MASK - New album to be released this month!

MASK - New album to be released this month 

It is with immense pride that I can say we have a new album due out in 3 weeks time! (Friday August 31st!) 

It would be kind of cool…

MASK Update - Crazy Times 

MASK Update - Crazy Times 

At random I was attacked recently and it left me in a bad way but life goes on and I am thankful for all the support I have received.  Whilst actually waiting in Accident…

MASK - Hurt Like You

I was asked at the weekend where lyrics come from?  My reply was “I have no idea!” 

What I do know is that I am always looking and listening out for a song - from reading books, overhearing conversations…

Recent Magazine Article on MASK

Below is an article H from MASK done recently for Ruido Sucio - the Argentinian Music Magazine;


1.  What can you tell us about your debut - The Truth?

 “The Truth” has a very real, raw and

My Top Tips for Songwriting (continued)  

“Firstly allow me to apologise for not blogging sooner!  I have been swamped in a band related project but sadly I cant reveal what that is until the summer - so watch this space…  Thank you for the kind comments

My Top Tips for Songwriting

On my last blog I basically gave myself a “big ol pat on the back” with all the hard work I had put into writing and releasing an album. With all that went in, I thought it would be a

The feeling of releasing an Album

I posted blogs before on “my journey of writing and releasing an album” and I was gobsmacked at the response I got. Receiving messages saying how it has inspired people to create and to “break the cycle” is beyond what

My Journey of Writing and Releasing an Album - (2 of 3)

“I couldn't believe the reaction to my first blog. Receiving messages from people saying how they are inspired to make changes in their lives was overwhelming to say the least, I hope this will continue to have the same affect…