MASK Blog - The Journey of "Show Me Love". Chapter 1: The Conception

H Here folks: "Show Me Love" went live in all stores on Friday and I thought I would put together a series of blogs to document the journey of this song.   First, I shall start with the conception; 

I am no bass player whatsoever!  But I remain beyond proud of the bass riff that makes this song what it is.   

Musicians have this term called "noodling".  It means it's not practiced playing as such, it's more of a mess around... a "noodle".   

(As a side tangent in my head, I just thought what other professions might noodle?  Vietnamese chefs perhaps...) anyway...

I wrote the bass riff to this tune whilst "noodling" and simultaneously watching an episode of the US Office and as I sprang like a leaping salmon to record the magical sounds being made, I named the track there and then “Knockin Boots”.   I was excited!   

Fast forward nearly two years later and you won't believe this but, I still wasn't any further forward!  "Knockin Boots" was never gonna happen (story of my life maybe 😉) 

Tune in tomorrow and we shall delve into what finally changed to make this song a reality!  And where "Show Me Love" came from...

Check out the track on Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube.

Peace and (Show Me) Love, H

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