MASK Blog - The Greatest Lie (Story behind the Song) 

MASK Blog - The Greatest Lie (Story behind the Song) 

The Greatest Lie is track no 8 on our debut album “The Famous”. 

I will never forget the day Craig and I recorded this track in my house.  We had huge big smiling faces, like cats who had got the cream!  Life was good and as we played the track in the car we glanced lovingly at each other like lovers often do… hahaha!

Little did we know it would be a bit of a “dead fish” - on Spotify, it is our least listened to track ever!  “The Greatest Lie” could well be called “The Greatest Disappointment”…. 

So, why?  Well, I don’t know the answer to this.  I have racked my brains but can only put it down to the song being such an array of genres that it really doesn’t fit anywhere?!  Craig says it is because people don't give it enough of a chance to hear where the song goes i.e. the gradual build followed by the explosion of noise at the end!

I still to this day love this song and now I’m going to break my vow and reveal what it’s about... 

“The Greatest Lie” is my view on religion.  I don’t throw this comment out to knock or put anyone down for their faith, each their own.  It is just my opinion, witnessed through life experience.  Allow me to break the verses down and explain; 

Verse 1 -  Is about my time working with people in the African community who would give away the majority of their wages to the church and would live on absolutely nothing.  It used to break my heart. 

Verse 2 -  Is about a man I witnessed so incensed by religion and his beliefs that he tore the tear ducts in his eyes and started crying blood in the street.  Everyone just looked away but I couldn’t help but look and actually feel what was happening.   

Verse 3 -  I take inspiration here from “Thunder Road” by Bruce Springsteen where he reflects on “ghost’s” and “skeleton frames” of the war dead returning home.  It gave me a vision of worried mothers witnessing their boys coming home but in fact, they were just “ghosts” brought to life by hope.  I couldn’t help but feel torn up by that vision.  

I hope I have brought this song to life in a way for you all.  Have a listen and tell us what you think of it.  As ever if you think anyone would enjoy this blog or the song then please send it their way. 

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Peace Out  
H from MASK

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