MASK Blog - Am I leaving MASK? 

MASK Blog - Am I leaving MASK? 

Since I announced I was releasing my first solo musical project, the most commonly asked question in my life has been - am I leaving MASK? 

I have to say that anyone who is asking this question doesn’t really know us at all! 

I actually know bands who can’t stand each other.  They set up the gear, play the show whilst seething and get the f*ck out of there before they kill the bass player haha…  This a million miles away from what we’re about. 

As I look back over our fifteen years of friendship - it’s fair to say we have been through every single emotion together and I honestly can’t remember a time when we’ve fallen out or had an argument. 

We’ve cried in each others arms and laughed so hard that we’ve actually made each other throw up - nice!  It’s a special kind of bond. 

And so the answer is a resounding - no. 

So why do a solo record? 

Almost everyone in MASK has their own musical projects going on so I guess this is just my “new one”… 

I have always pushed myself, each and every day to be better in every way, sometimes I hate my life for this (i’m knackered!) but this is who I am.  The only way I could see myself evolving as a songwriter/musician was to go completely out of my comfort zone and try something different - wish me luck. 

My debut single is out on May the 1st.  I have created a members list if you want to get updates, gig news etc. 

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Peace out, 

H from MASK

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